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Prime-Line's MDF is Environmentally Friendly

Prime-Line's MDF is manufactured from 94% pre-consumer recycled wood residue, reducing the drain on our forests. Prime-Line has never contained, or been manufactured with any Class I or II ozone depleting substance as listed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Prime-Line meets or exceeds all voluntary limits for urea formaldehyde in fiber board products.

What is MDF?

MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard - is a composite board made from wood fibers and synthetic resin binders bonded together under high heat and pressure. This manufacturing process creates a board that is flat, smooth, uniform and free of knots and grain, as well as a board that can be easily shaped into almost any form. High quality, clean, sharp contours and edges can be achieved in a wide range of profiles and designs. This uniform composition allows finished to be applied directly to the surface, creating a smooth seamless surface.

Common MDF Applications and Usage

MDF is an exceptional product for mouldings and millwork including base, casing, crown, jambs, window stool, shelving, cabinetry, doors, wall panels, stair parts (treads and risers), and a whole host of other applications.MDF moulding with properties that enhance moisture resistance should be considered for use in bathrooms and for baseboards where construction is slab-on-grade. Exterior use is common as well. MDF can be manufactured with special adhesives suitable for exterior applications including brick moulding, mouldings around doors and windows, exterior window sills, column facings, gable vents and louvers, soffit trim and other exterior trim.

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